To help you explore the benefits of hiring a Doula I offer a free in-person consultation to talk through my services.

All my services are available separately or combined in packages listed below and everything can be tailored to suit your wishes.

Pregnancy Support

  • Open to all with special focus on supporting women experiencing NVP and HG. (Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy and Hyperemesis Gravidarum)
  • Tailored to your needs including phone support, home or hospital visits and signposting to the most up to date resources via Pregnancy Sickness Support.

1:1 Postnatal Wishes Session £30

  • A private antenatal meeting to discuss your wishes for the first weeks of your new baby’s life. A safe space to discuss any concerns and to consider the support and options you have both practically and emotionally during this time.
  • Follow up meetings available as desired.

Mothers Blessing £45

  • During the last few weeks of pregnancy as you wait for your little one to arrive I will arrange a gathering of your closest friends and family to come together to mark your transition into Motherhood in a special circle. We will share stories, food and make beautiful gifts to mark this time in your life. I will organise everything so that you can simply sit back and soak up all the love and blessings from your loved ones.

Peer Support for Parents with Epilepsy

  • As a Mum with Epilepsy myself I am familiar with the specific challenges Epilepsy might bring to pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.
  • I offer confidential chats and experience sharing to support you as you navigate your way into Parenthood whilst having Epilepsy.

Postnatal Offering


Pack of 8 Postnatal Visits £350

Available at anypoint during your first year of parenthood

During postnatal visits I offer to:

  • Support to settle you back into your home/unpack/clean up birth/stock up food
  • Support with baby care
  • Accompanying on outings / plan activities and/or to any medical appointments as wished
  • Baby cuddle whilst you shower and / or nap
  • Organise nourishing, healing food delivery
  • Light tidying and cleaning to support keeping the house running
  • Providing a listening ear for your birth stories
  • Keep you company
  • Signpost to all the most up to date local resources for new parents

Ad hoc/ Last minute Postnatal Doula £50 per visit

  • Free initial phone consultation
  • Support accessing other local services
  • Hand-holding through crisis
  • Each visit will be around three hours long.

Full Postnatal and Beyond Package £400

  • Postnatal Planning session at your home during pregnancy
  • Pregnancy Support as wished
  • Mothers Blessing
  • On-call start time for as soon after birth as wished.
  • Visiting either hospital or home following birth.
  • Pack of 8 Postnatal visits with each visit being roughly three hours long.

Double Doula Love Support Package

With this option I work with Eva Bay Birth Doula to provide you with truly holistic doula support throughout your journey through pregnancy, birth and postnatal period, combining our knowledge and experience to give you the start to Parenthood you deserve. We offer:

  • Birth Wishes session
  • Four Pregnancy sessions
  • Postnatal Wishes session
  • Mother’s Blessing (optional)
  • Birth Doulaing ( on call two weeks before and after your due date)
  • Birth Debrief
  • 8 Postnatal Visits
  • Phone Support
  • Closing The Bones (optional)


Payable in instalments

Gift Certificates

Valid for all my services.

Please get in touch to discuss these personalised gifts available for all the expectant friends and family in your life!


If you would like Doula support but are concerned about my prices please do talk to me as we can usually find a way. I am open to discussing payment options such as spreading payments out and being paid in kind.