To help you explore the benefits of hiring a Doula I offer a free initial meet up at your home or venue of choice so we can have a chat about everything and talk through how I can support you during your pregnancy, birth & postnatal period.

Please see below some of the ways in which I can support you, everything will be tailored to suit your wishes and personalised for your journey.

Pregnancy Support

  • Pregnancy can be a challenging time. I am here to visit you and listen to whatever is coming up for you throughout your pregnancy and work through any challenges by your side. Having my support means you will not be alone.
  • I can accompany you to any antenatal appointments as wished and can debrief your antenatal midwife appointments with you. Giving you reassurance that you haven’t missed anything and a confidential space to discuss how you are feeling.

Investment £15 /hour

  • If you are experiencing NVP / HG – Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy and Hyperemesis Gravidarum I am a volunteer peer supporter with Pregnancy Sickness Support. If you choose me to support you I will be on the end of the phone for you throughout your pregnancy, to check in and chat to whenever you need. I have personal experience of HG and know how grim and isolating it can be. As a volunteer for PSS my support to you in this case is FREE.

Mothers Blessing

  • During the last few weeks of pregnancy as you wait for your little one to arrive I will arrange a gathering of your closest friends and family to come together to mark your transition into Motherhood in a special circle. This is a wonderful way to prepare for you imminent Birth as it surrounds you with love, strength and sisterhood, creating a moment of calm, supportive space as you stand on the brink of birth. We will share stories, food and make beautiful gifts to mark this time in your life so that you feel truly loved, safe and cared for, ready to face your babys birth joyfully. Safe in the knowledge that all your womenfolk are cheering you on! I will organise everything so that you can simply sit back, relax and soak up all the love and blessings from your loved ones.

Investment £45

Postnatal Wishes Session

  • Making some Birth Wishes, is generally regarded as a “good idea” but making some Postnatal Wishes can be just as important. In this session we talk through all your hopes, dreams and concerns for your postnatal period. From what you might like to eat, to who you want to visit (or not) to how you plan to feed your baby and what local support options might be available to you. I will share tips, tricks and ideas so you can make your postnatal period as smooth and enjoyable as it can be.  Investing in time and space to make a plan like this will ensure you feel as calm and confident as possible and are looking forward to the first few weeks getting to know your new baby.

Investment £45

Postnatal Support


Being at home with a newborn is a life altering moment. Recovering from birth, learning to feed (however you are feeding!) managing visitors, attempting to sleep and look after yourself, whilst keeping a home running is a pretty immense job, investing in my postnatal Doula support will give you an extra helping hand, a listening ear and lay the positive foundations for your entry into parenthood.

All postnatal visits are personalised, last around three hours and are tailored to your specific wishes an example of what I could offer you is:

  • A warm welcome back to a tidy house, a made bed, plumped cushions and snacks
  • Being by your side as you care for your baby, supporting you with the early days of baby care so you aren’t alone
  • To accompany you on outings, giving you confidence to take your baby out, chatting through ideas for activities and coming along to any medical appointments as wished
  • The chance of a hot shower/ cup of tea/nap whilst I cuddle you baby
  • A delivery of nourishing healing food, tailored for postnatal recovery
  • The chance to bond with your new baby without the pressure of running the house by taking care of light tidying and washing.
  • A listening ear for your birth stories
  • A familiar figure to keep you company and confidentially share how you are feeling with
  • Signposts to all the most up to date local resources for new parents

Investment £15/hour or £350 for 8 visits

Full Pre & Postnatal Doula Love Package

This is a holistic package offering you the opportunity to really get to know me, providing you with continuity of care only a Doula can offer with several visits during pregnancy and a full eight visits postnatally. Creating a deep trusting relationship that will support you on every level as you become a parent.  This includes:

  • Two Pregnancy Support visits
  • Postnatal Planning session at your home during pregnancy
  • Mothers Blessing
  • On-call start time for as soon after birth as wished.
  • Pack of 8 Postnatal visits in the first two weeks with each visit being roughly three hours long.

Investment £400

Ad hoc/ Last minute Postnatal Doula

No one can truly prepare you for what to expect as no one has had your baby before. It is important to know however, that you and only you are the perfect parent for your baby, especially on the days you don’t feel like it. You are still the best parent your baby could possibly have. It is not uncommon to find it more overwhelming than anticipated which is why I also offer the chance of last minute support for when you hit a bump in your parenting road, you are not alone. I will be there to hold your hand through any challenge you find yourself in, be a non-judgemental listening ear and support you to access other local support services.

Investment £45

Double Doula Love Support Package

With this option I work with Eva Bay Birth Doula to provide you with truly holistic doula support throughout your journey through pregnancy, birth and postnatal period, combining our knowledge and experience to give you the confident, calm, loving and joyful start to Parenthood you deserve. We offer:

  • Birth Wishes session
  • Four Pregnancy sessions
  • Postnatal Wishes session
  • Mother’s Blessing (optional)
  • Birth Doulaing ( on call two weeks before and after your due date)
  • Birth Debrief
  • 8 Postnatal Visits
  • Phone Support

Investment £1,400 Payable in instalments

Gift Certificates

Valid for all my services.

Please get in touch to discuss these personalised gifts available for all the expectant friends and family in your life!


If you would like Doula support but are concerned about my prices please do talk to me as we can usually find a way. I am open to discussing payment options such as spreading payments out and being paid in kind.