I have one child born in 2015. She has been my greatest teacher. Her arrival heralded my passion for this work and changed the way I see the world. My pregnancy was a challenging time fraught with Epilepsy and HG. Having the steadfast support of a Doula transformed my experience and created a much smoother transition into Motherhood. This has become a well of experience which I now draw on to support you. I am particularly passionate about supporting women during the postnatal period as from my own experience I know what a transformative time it can be. In nearly all other cultures around the world following childbirth women are widely expected to have a period of rest and recuperation as they heal and transform into mothers. Our culture does not facilitate this transition nearly as well much to the detriment of families. By hiring a doula you will ensure that you get this period to heal and bond with your baby.

It is my aim to ensure that you feel safe and empowered to believe in yourself and trust your instincts as new parents. I aim to provide a nurturing continuity of care throughout pregnancy and postnatally that facilitates a healthy and happy transition into Parenthood. With me by your side you will have a hand to hold through this wonderful but tumultuous and unpredictable time. I believe Birth is not just the arrival of a baby but the birth a Mother and indeed a whole family too. New mothers need mothering themselves; nurturing, supporting and cheering onward. I have seen how supported mothers can then support their children more healthily, more happily and that in turn creates a happier, healthier world for everyone.


CPD & Training attended:

  • Baby & Child first Aid 2016
  • Younique Postnatal Initial Doula Preparation Course June 2017
  • Became member of Doula UK & started being Mentored by Maddie McMahon July 2017
  • Reframing Birth Midwifery Conference, July 2017
  • NLP for Birth Professionals with Mark Harris, November 2017
  • Breastfeeding Case Studies with Maddie McMahon January 2018
  • ‘Aromatherapy for Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Maternity Services’  Training Day March 2018