What is a Postnatal Doula?

A postnatal doula offers emotional and practical support to a family, particularly the mother whilst they adjust to life with a newborn baby. This may include but is not limited to;

  • Being alongside you as you learn to care for your new baby
  • Accompanying you on outings and/or to any medical appointments as wished
  • Looking after the baby whilst you sleep and/or shower
  • Organising Postnatal food for all the family
  • Light tidying andorganising to support keeping the house running
  • Support introducing older siblings to your new baby
  • Providing a listening ear to birth stories
  • Telephone support

What does it mean that you are a Mentored Doula?

This means that I am working towards becoming a Doula UK Recognised Doula. During this Recognition Process, I have agreed to work closely with an experienced doula, my Doula Mentor. A Doula UK Mentor provides support and supervision within a framework for reflective practice. In strict confidence, I am able to discuss all aspects of my work with my Mentor, receiving support and guidance as I develop my knowledge, skills and personal approach. If your needs and expectations are not within my direct experience as a new doula, my Mentor will be available in the background to assist me. The fact I am a mentored Doula gaining experience is also reflected in my lower fees.

Do you Support Partners?

Absolutely, yes. Whilst much of a Doula’s role does focus on the birthing Mother, making sure she can rest and heal after birth as much as possible, I believe that a babies arrival is also the birth of a family as a whole and as much a life-changing event for partners as it is for the Mother

Where do you work?

I am based in Brighton and offer my Doula services to all surrounding areas.

I think you might be the Doula for me, what happens now?

Please look at my contacts page and either call, text or email me and we can arrange an initial meeting.