Please see below for a list of how I can support you wherever you are on your Mothering journey

The Wise Hippo Hypnobirthing Program

This is a full antenatal course which I offer as private 1:1 classes in the comfort of your own home or online as well as in small group classes in Brighton. Suitable for everyone from 12 weeks of pregnancy for all types of birth. The course runs over four sessions and is a wonderful way to prepare for birth and parenthood, leaving you calm and relaxed looking forward to the birth of your baby. As a mother to two Wise Hippo babies myself I am especially passionate about sharing the life changing skills of Wise Hippo Hypnobirthing with you.  Have a look at the Wise Hippo website and get in touch to discuss your individual needs further.


Brighton Mama Circle

Is a welcoming space for you to come and connect with other Mama’s and Birthing people in a friendly group. Inspired by the principles of yoga and the cycles of nature we will sit in circle to share (if you wish!) and listen to whatever is coming up for you. 

Welcoming all women and birthing people from pregnancy onwards we meet outside year-round on Monday mornings close to the Festival days on the Celtic Wheel of the year.

We are currently having a break from running circle but please watch this space for information.

Please check our facebook page for updates

Pregnancy Support

  • Pregnancy can be a challenging time. I am here to visit you and listen to whatever is coming up for you throughout your pregnancy and work through any challenges by your side. Having my support means you will not be alone.
  • I can accompany you to any antenatal appointments as wished and debrief your antenatal midwife appointments with you. Giving you reassurance that you haven’t missed anything and a confidential space to discuss how you are feeling about the medical advice you are being given.
  • We can also spend some time creating a pregnancy vision board, doing some Fear Release work and artwork to support you find the way to birth that is right for you.
  • I will also bring a range of pregnancy meditations and relaxations for you to use as you wish.

Investment £80

  • If you are experiencing NVP / HG – Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy and Hyperemesis Gravidarum I am a volunteer peer supporter with Pregnancy Sickness Support. If you choose me to support you I will be on the end of the phone for you throughout your pregnancy, to check in and chat to whenever you need. I have personal experience of HG and know how grim and isolating it can be. As a volunteer for PSS my support to you in this case is FREE.

Mothers Blessing

  • During the last few weeks of pregnancy as you wait for your little one to arrive I will arrange a gathering of your closest friends and family to come together to mark your transition into Motherhood in a special circle. This is a wonderful way to prepare for you imminent Birth as it surrounds you with love, strength and sisterhood, creating a moment of calm, supportive space as you stand on the brink of birth. We will share stories, food and make beautiful gifts to mark this time in your life so that you feel truly loved, safe and cared for, ready to face your babys birth joyfully. Safe in the knowledge that all your womenfolk are cheering you on! I will organise everything so that you can simply sit back, relax and soak up all the love and blessings from your loved ones.

Investment £80

Postnatal Planning Session

  • Making some Birth Plans, is generally regarded as a “good idea” but making some Postnatal Plans is just just as important. In this session we talk through all your hopes, dreams and concerns for your postnatal period. From what you might like to eat, to who you want to visit (or not) to how you plan to feed your baby and what local support options might be available to you. I will share tips, tricks and ideas so you can make your postnatal period as smooth and enjoyable as it can be.  Investing in time and space to make a plan like this will ensure you feel as calm and confident as possible and are looking forward to the first few weeks getting to know your new baby.

Investment £80

Postnatal Support


The first days after birth… You’ve cleaned and washed. The baby’s in the crook of your arm. Hormones spiking. Half dressed. Propped up on a pile of pillows, topless. Lying on inco pads. The portal of Birth you have just passed through is very much still open. As a Doula being invited into such a space is sacred and humbling. The birth of the baby is over. But your birthing is not over. Now you stand on the threshold of the fourth trimester where you must birth the Parent you will become. This time is no less important than the birth itself. Senses overloading. Words, light, food all just as important as during labour. You are open on every level, physically, emotionally, spiritually. Your body foreign ground. Leaking. Healing. Changed. A time to be supported, honoured, held and acknowledged.

The more you can support yourself in the early days the more it will benefit you in the months and years to come. Recovering from birth, learning to feed (however you are feeding!) managing visitors, attempting to sleep and look after yourself, whilst keeping a home running is a pretty immense job! Investing in my postnatal Doula support will give you an extra helping hand, a listening ear and lay the positive foundations for you as you find your new feet.

All postnatal visits are personalised, last around three hours and are tailored to your specific wishes. An example of what I could offer you during the first six weeks and beyond is:

  • A Postnatal Healing Ritual – using gentle massage techniques, fabric wrapping and oiling to close your body
  • Being by your side as you care for your baby, supporting you with the early days of baby care so you aren’t alone and chatting through any issues you face so you can become the Mother you want to be.
  • A delivery of simple nourishing food, tailored for postnatal recovery
  • Gentle body care; wrapping with shawls, back and foot rubs to ease your tired body
  • The chance to bond with your new baby without the pressure of running the house by taking care of light tidying and washing.
  • The chance of a hot shower/ cup of tea/nap whilst I cuddle you baby
  • A listening ear for your birth stories
  • A familiar figure to keep you company and confidentially share how you are feeling with
  • Signposts to all the most up to date local resources for new parents
  • Phone and text support
  • To accompany you on outings, giving you confidence to take your baby out, chatting through ideas for activities and coming along to any medical appointments as wished
  • Support with setting up Postnatal Steaming

Investment £50 per visit and can be booked ad hoc or as part of packages below.

Postnatal Healing Ritual

A traditional postnatal healing practice with roots in many cultures around the world. It is performed to close and realign your hips after birth (vaginal or c-section), to close your energy field and support blood flow around your womb area to support healing. After birth many cultures believe the body to be open not just physically but spiritually, full healing requires Closing through a variety of practices similar to this.

The ritual involves gentle massage techniques, fabric wrapping and oiling. My version of this ritual, also known as ‘Hipping’ comes through learning with Rocio Alarcon,  Curandera and ethnobotanist from Ecuador. As your Doula I see this as a key element of my work which supports you to birth the Mother you will become. Essential to your Postnatal recovery.

Investment £80

A Mothering Mandala Session

Perhaps your first forty days has passed. Your baby is growing, perhaps around 6 months. It’s wonderful… but hard. You are tired. Your brain whirs with all the things you want to do and/or used to do. Sometimes you wonder ‘who am I now? How will I ever achieve XYZ’?!
If that’s you then this is the session for you! After some relaxation and a cuppa I will guide you through making a post it note Mandala that tackles these feelings and will support you to connect to yourself as you now are. A bit like a vision board a Mandala allows you to ‘see’ all your ideas and plans even if you aren’t actually working on them. Leaving you feeling clearer and more confident, reminding you that those ideas are still there. That you are still you amidst the Mothering. You matter.

Investment £80

Fear Release Ritual

A powerful session to support you to feel confident in your New Mothering role. Whether during Pregnancy to prepare for birth or postnatally. This session involves a fire ritual outside where we reflect, reframe and recreate your thoughts on how you want to parent and live now in this new phase of your life. To support you letting go of old patterns and embracing the new.

Investment £80

Full fourth trimester Doula Support Package

Supporting you over your whole 4th trimester. This offers a total of 18 visits one or several of which will include a Postnatal Healing Ritual. I also offer an On-call start time for as soon after birth as wished

  • Postnatal Planning session during your 3rd trimester
  • Week one: 5 visits
  • Week 2: 4 visits
  • week 3: 3 visits
  • week 4: 3 visits
  • week 5: 2 visits
  • week 6: one visit

Investment £1,000

Full Pre & Postnatal Doula Package

This offers you the opportunity to really get to know me, providing you with continuity of care only a Doula can offer with several visits during pregnancy and a full eight visits postnatally. Creating a deep trusting relationship that will support you on every level as you become a parent.  This includes:

  • Two Pregnancy Support visits
  • Postnatal Planning session at your home during pregnancy
  • Mothers Blessing
  • Pack of 18 Postnatal visits over the first 6 weeks including postnatal healing ritual.

Investment £1,500

Doula team Support Package

With this option I work with a small group of local Doulas to provide you with truly holistic doula support throughout your journey through pregnancy, birth and postnatal period, combining our knowledge and experience to give you the confident, calm, loving and joyful start to Parenthood you deserve. Every package will be fully personalised and tailored to suit your needs.

Please enquire for further details.

Gift Certificates

Valid for all my services.

Please get in touch to discuss these personalised gifts available for all the expectant friends and family in your life!


If you would like Doula support but are concerned about my prices please do talk to me as we can usually find a way. I am open to discussing payment options such as spreading payments out and being paid in kind.